All about the Digital Module Catalgoue at the School of Management 2016-17


What's Digicat?


Digicat's the first mobile - video platform of it's kind in Higher Education. It's a visual module display & selection system that:




  1. Speeds up module selection time for existing Students
  2. Improves Student Engagement
  3. Saves Time & Resource for Professional Staff
  4. Provides Academic Staff with a Digital Showcase
  5. Supports School Recruitment Activity


... puts your school where students want it.


Swipe ... Student Video


Students can See & Hear what other  Students thought of courses


Swipe ... Module Video


Syllabus, Assessments, Topics, Learning Outcomes, in-lecture clips / pics

What Students say ...


"Digicat - Fantastic! Love the way I can see my modules on my mobile. Makes it  easier to see things and the lecturer videos are really interesting.


Definitely sharing this with my friends!"


Swipe ...

Lecturer's Video


Learn about the course and how it's taught from the staff themselves


Digicat @ The School of Management


Pilot Period (circa 4 weeks)


  • 16,000 page views
  • 750 registered users
  • Average viewing session 10+ mins
  • Student Feedback positive
  • Staff Feedback positive

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