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About Digicat


Digicat is short for Digital Module Catalogue.


It provides students with a visual way to explore their modules and course choices. It's improves learning by connecting students with teachers - giving everyone in the school an important voice. It connects the school research community with researchers everywhere and it allows the school to showcase it's work to the outside world.


If you're an external visitor we thank you for your visit today, and hope you enjoy discovering the school.


Existing students can log on to manage your account and explore hundreds of module videos and review courses.

Digicat is unique to Swansea University School of Management. Smart module selection software helps students plan their learning journeys in a fun and more efficient way.

What Students say ...


"Digicat - Fantastic! Love the way I can see my modules on my mobile. Makes it  easier to see things and the lecturer videos are really interesting.


Definitely sharing this with my friends!"


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