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What is Digicat?


Digicat is short for Digital Module Catalogue. It was created initially as an internal Enterprise and Innovation project at Swansea's prestigious School of Management. The easiest way to explain Digicat is by watching the short video below:

Digicat Explainer Video produced for the School of Management - Swansea University, 2017

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Digicat?


Digicat's the first platform of it's kind. It helps students explore their modules and life on campus. It brings the school to life on screens small and large supporting more informed decision making for students and helping smoothen school administration.

System Goals and Objectives


Speed up module selection by making it more engaging for students



Reduce course queries by providing students with a more natural (and efficient) way of learning about courses


Student Experience

Reduce the number of students changing modules after teaching starts



Furnish students with a greater understanding of their University community promoting inclusitivity


Communications & Marketing

Support marketing with a rich suite of video and media tools during recruitment / clearing

How does it work?


Step 1

Students simply register or log in using their email address. They select their year of study and course or pathway (e.g. Business Management with Marketing). The system supports English, Welsh, Simplified Chinese, Arabic and Spanish.

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Step 2

The system creates an unique account for the student and presents them with their module options.


As well as being fully search-able the system is also intelligent, it works out exactly which modules students can take (or need to take) as they progress through their degrees. It then presents students with 3 types of video for each module as well as the basic module details in text format:

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Impact -Does it work?

Students spent on average 10.2 mins on site viewing video.


 They were engaged.

During Version 1.0 pilot (module selection) the system showed students over 20,000 pages during a 3 week period and roughly 700 users signed up (in a school with a population of around 3,000).

"Fantastic. Love the way I can see my modules on my mobile. Makes it much easier to see things and the lecturer videos are really interesting.


Definitely sharing this with my friends!"

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Developmental (Skills - Module Maps)


Version 3.0 of Digicat (currently 2.0) will allow students to view manage their own transferrable skills by module and by year.

Correspondence Address


Dept of Research, Enterprise & Innovation (REIS)

Swansea University, Singleton Campus, SA2 8PP

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