Communication for Education

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Digital Academic

Innovations that allow educators, researchers and administrators to communicate more openly and smoothly with students, funding bodies & businesses.

Digital Solutions for Higher Education

Software & Systems (SSE)

Our team works with you to develop software and systems that allow you to do more with less. Every system we build focuses on improving student experience and saving our clients valuable admin time and resource. Recent projects include building the UK's first Digital Module Catalogue (Digicat) in HE.

Technology for Teaching (L&T)

Blended learning solutions that engage students by putting them at heart of L&T. We see students as partners in learning and our SeminApp system streamlines teaching for academics whilst increasing student engagement.   We also create video content for lectures and courses as an aid to great teaching.

"Digicat - Fantastic! Love the way I can see my modules on my mobile. Makes it much easier to see things and the lecturer videos are really interesting.


Definitely sharing this with my friends!"

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Dept of Research, Enterprise & Innovation (REIS)

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